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1.HIGH PERFORMANCE: Experience impressive charging power with the 6-in-1 solar panel connection cable that offers MC4 to DC7909, DC5521,DC6530,DC35135, Anderson, and XT60 connectors. It is compatible with a variety of devices, allowing versatile charging.

2.COMPACT AND PORTABLE DESIGN: Enjoy convenient portability with a foldable design that measures only 450 x 470 x 55 mm when folded and weighs a mere 2.8kg. ldeal for easy use on the go.

3.EXTENDED SOLAR ENERGY CAPTURE RANGE: Harness the full power of the sun to maximize solar energy capture range and increase charging efficiency.

4.ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: Enhance solar energy absorption with three adjustable supports that provide stability and flexibility to adjust the angle individually. Adapt to different terrains to ensure efficient energy production during outdoor activities.

5.INNOVATIVE MATERIALS: By utilizing advanced materials such as ETFE,EVA,monocrystalline silicon, and a durable backsheet, this solar panel achieves an impressive cell efficiency of21%. This innovative combination ensures durability and high performance, enabling optimal conversion of solar energy for efficient charging.

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