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2400w Portable Power Station Bulit in Micro Inverter Power Solution Balcony Solar Energy Storage System On-grid External Battery Pack Fast Charge


Rated Power:2400W

Rated Capacity:Main device : LMFP 2047.5Wh/Expansion battery: LMFP 2047.5Wh

Battery Capacity:Main device:LMFP 48.75V 42Ah/Expansion battery:LMFP 48.75V 42Ah

Peak Power:4000w

3 Modes

Micro-inverter Mode: Max 800w on-grid output (Output power can be adjusted by an App)

Full Power Generation Mode: Full power output during blackouts PPS Mode: Used as a portable power station

Portable System Solar Power Station

Solar Charging Generator Energy Generator

Basic function:1200W solar input / Expansion battery 2047.5Wh / intelligent app / approx.0 dB.

Plug and play: The S2400 Pro Power Station, as a storage device for balcony solar power systems, comes with a built-in micro inverter, making it lightweight and easy to move. It truly achieves plug-and-play functionality.

Intelligent monitoring: You can connect to the balcony power station system through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi using the app, enabling smart monitoring and recording capabilities.

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