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DIHE Outdoor Camping Waterproof 100wPortable Folding Outdoor Camping Monocrystalline Silicon Foldable PV Solar Panel


This 100W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Mat is constructed from advanced high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells which achieves 22.5%-23.5% high efficiency. Convert more solar power into clean energy even if the panel size is very small. It performs better than similarly-rated polycrystalline solar panels in low-light conditions, and much higher than the market’s average.The 100W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Mat is ultra-light and compact size , and it comes with a big handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere you go, 2 adjustable kickstands for quick installation or angle adjustment.
The 100W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Mat with industrial-strength PET polymer or ETFE as the surface are sewn into ultra-durable polyester canvas to provide weather-resistant, ideal for any outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnic.



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