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Water-filled Motor Solar Pump


Water-filled motor solar pumps represent an advanced hydraulic design featuring high efficiency, strong submersibility, motor burnout protection and easy maintenance. Water-filled motor solar pumps are ideal for applications such as groundwater supply, irrigation, animal husbandry, etc.

Advantages of Water-filled Motor Solar Pump

Advantages of Water-filled Motor Solar Pump

Advantages of Water-filled Motor Solar Pump

  • Double inner and outer shielded deep well pump with field-oriented control function, is made of 304 stainless steel. More environmental protection, no oil pollution.
  • The whole 304 stainless steel rotor shaft with ceramic plating process at both ends, is more wear-resistant.
  • Water cooling structure of shielded motor, without mechanical seal, solves the problem of water leakage of traditional water pump motor.
  • Shielded motor adopts graphite bearing, which has strong self lubrication and corrosion resistance, and can operate reliably in the form of water lubrication.
  • Thrust bearing, providing strong and stable thrust.
  • Submerging depth can reach 150 meters.
  • Over-voltage/undervoltage/over-current/phase loss/short circuit/water shortage/high temperature protection etc.
  • 3 years warranty.

Advantages of Built-in Controller

  • Hybrid powered by AC and DC.
  • In DC mode, the MPPT function can achieve over 99% efficiency.
  • In AC mode, the power factor correction function can make the power factor exceed 0.99.
  • Wide open circuit voltage range: DC60-440V, AC90-240V.
  • Soft start: no impact current, protect the water pump motor.

Solar monitor (optional)

  • IP65
  • Intelligent display
  • Three operating modes: automatic mode, AC mode, DC mode.
  • Water level control and pressure control (with electronic float switch and pressure switch)
  • Low power or low flow judgment (with flow switch)
  • Auto-start function while power-on
  • Time switch function
  • AC and DC power supply timing switching function
  • Auto start generator function (with Gen signal relay)
  • Overcurrent/overvoltage protection function
  • Automatically identify whether the AC terminal is connected to DC or AC power supply, and calculate and judge respectively overvoltage and undervoltage .

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